Benefits that promote employee physical, mental, and financial well-being are important tools for employer goals to better support the workforce. Summit’s cloud-based solution simplifies the administration of these post-tax accounts.

  • Able to accommodate nearly any account-based reimbursement plan
  • Full-featured mobile app for account access via smartphones and tablets
  • Account-linked debit card with card behavior settings per employer plan

Fuel your growth with Summit by offering popular, post-tax well-being benefits.


Versatile Accounts that Support Employee Well-being

Medicare Solutions

Healthcare Cost Savings for Older Employees and Retirees


Highly Customizable to Support Nearly Any Benefit Program

Lifestyle Spending Accounts Administration Software

Versatile Accounts that Support Employee Well-being  

Physical Activity Expenses

Non-Traditional Health Expenses

Educational and Work-Related Expenses

Household Expenses

LSAs are post-tax, employer-funded reimbursement accounts that assist employees in accessing products, services, or activities to improve their overall sense of well-being.

Employers can make just about anything eligible for LSA reimbursement. No other benefits account provides companies with so much flexibility to address employee needs and interests. Although nearly unlimited in scope, LSAs are one of the simplest accounts to administer due to the lack of regulation. Plus, LSAs can be started at any time during the calendar year. They do not have to align with traditional annual enrollment dates.

What better way to get where you want to grow?

LSA - Physical Activity
LSA - Non-Traditional Health Expenses
LSA - Work-Related Expenses
LSA - Household Expenses

Medicare Solutions

Healthcare Cost Savings for Older Employees and Retirees

Medicare Advantage EGWP Waiver Plans

ICHRAs for All Employers

QSEHRAs for Companies Employing 50 or Fewer

Reimburse Premiums and/or Qualified Expenses

Provide Debit Card and Mobile App Support

Medicare is often the best option for employees and retirees older than 65, but federal regulations prohibit employers from making direct premium payments for Medicare or Medicare-related coverages. Fortunately, TPAs using Summit can offer employers options that do meet federal guidelines.

  • Employer-sponsored Medicare Advantage Employer Group Waiver Plans (EGWPs) for retirees that provide coverage under Medicare Parts C and D (a/k/a Parts A, B, and D).
  • Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRA) that reimburse active or retired employees for healthcare premium costs and/or qualified medical costs for Medicare Parts B and D, Medicare Advantage (Part C), Medigap/Medicare Supplement, and private health insurance coverage.
  • Qualified Small Employer HRAs (QSEHRA), similar to ICHRAs but for employers of 50 or fewer full-time employees.

Grow your business by using Summit to provide Medicare Solutions.


Highly Customizable to Support Nearly Any Benefit Program

Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Employee Bonuses and Perks

Employee Support Programs

Section 139 Disaster Relief

Medicare and Medigap Solutions

In today’s rapidly diversifying benefits market, TPAs need the ability to adapt and innovate. DataPath's COMPASS™ card enables TPAs to offer a highly customizable debit card that can support almost any benefits program.

  • Address employers’ specific needs, parameters, usage restrictions, and supported benefits accounts while delivering a first-class customer experience.
  • Accommodate purchases by setting up requirements directly in Summit. Set MCC code restrictions at the employer plan level without any need for technical support.
  • Unique plan parameters are also supported by Summit’s full-featured mobile app.

Enjoy a smoother trip to where you want to grow by taking DataPath along for the journey.

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